Elvin Bug Tracking System

Elvin (also known as 'ElvinBTS') is a open-source bug tracking system released under the GPL license, Elvin is written in PHP and uses MySQL as its database back-end; We are planning mutliple database support in our next version. Features include file attachments, relationships, email notification, SCM integration, reporting tools, advanced searching, and an easy to manage admin control panel. Learn more..

:!: Please be aware that we are currently in the process of updating the Elvin website - some links may not work as yet! - Please bare with us! :)


If you already know all about Elvin and want to use it you can download it from here.


Support is offered in several ways, please see the below list on how to obtain the support that is right for you…


If you would like to give elvin a test drive please check out our demo server!


Elvin is an active project, constantly under development and improvement by the Elvin team. If you would like to test the latest code or join our team (we are currently looking for new members) and help develop Elvin, head over to our development page to find out more.

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