There are several different ways in which you can download Elvin including the normal 'release packages' as well as Development snapshots and via. SVN; Hhowever if you just want to download the latest stable release (recommended to new users), please see the 'Stable releases' section below.

Stable releases

You can download the latest stable release from the mirror network using the links below:-

Download now Latest release: TBA MB

A complete list of previous stable releases and other Elvin related packages can be viewed here.

Development snapshot

A snapshot of the latest source code can be downloaded using the link below, please bare in mind that the below snapshot may contain errors but is classed as 'bleeding-edge'. - New users are recommended to download and use 'Stable releases'.

SVN Instructions

You may wish to install and keep your ElvinBTS installation up to date using SVN, this is especially useful if you have made heavy customisations to your Elvin installation as SVN will attempt to merge your changes with the latest source code, you can checkout/update the latest source code using the command below:-

svn co elvinbts

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